Prior Authorization is a vital process in healthcare, requiring approval from insurance providers before certain medical services or treatments can be administered.

Prior authorization is a time-consuming process that can create delays and cause frustration for medical practices. At ATS Healthcare, we understand the importance of getting authorizations quickly and accurately, so you can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients. Our prior authorization services can help simplify the process and improve your practice's workflow.

Streamline Your Prior Authorization Process with ATS Healthcare

Our experienced team of professionals is well-versed in the latest prior authorization requirements and regulations. We work closely with insurance companies and healthcare providers to ensure that all necessary authorizations are obtained efficiently and accurately.

Our Process

Our prior authorization service follows a rigorous process to ensure that your practice gets the authorizations it needs in a timely manner. Our process includes:



Reviewing patient medical records and insurance policies to determine authorization requirements.



Contacting insurance companies to obtain the necessary authorization forms.



Completing the authorization forms accurately and submitting them to the insurance companies in a timely manner.



Following up with insurance companies to ensure that the authorization process is moving forward.


Ongoing Support

Keeping the medical practice informed about the status of each authorization request.

The Benefits of Working with ATS Healthcare

Improved workflow and efficiency for your practice

Reduced delays and denials due to inaccurate or incomplete information

Access to a team of experts in the latest prior authorization requirements and regulations

Increased revenue due to faster authorization approvals and fewer claim denials

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